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Emergency Dentist in Annapolis Says: Don’t Ignore Infected Teeth!

June 20, 2019

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Nobody wants to go to the doctor or the dentist for every little ache or pain. If you’ve had a toothache for a few days, you may tempted to wait and see if it goes away on its own. However, if the pain is being caused by an infection, this can be a dangerous mistake that can lead to tooth loss – or worse. Learn more about why you should see your emergency dentist in Annapolis right away if you believe your tooth is infected.


4 Habits Your Emergency Dentist in Annapolis Says You Should Avoid

May 31, 2019

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man breaking cigarette in half

No one likes having to stop everything to treat a dental emergency. They always seem to happen right after the dentist’s office closes! You can’t completely prevent them. However, there are some precautions you can take to decreases your chances of having them. Your emergency dentist in Annapolis suggests you kick these 4 habits to protect your oral health.


Your Emergency Dentist in Annapolis Discusses How To Handle Common Emergencies While You’re On Vacation

May 30, 2019

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family jumping on beach

Are you looking forward to finally going on your summer family vacation you’ve been planning for months? Don’t let something like a dental emergency ruin your fun by not being prepared. Knowing how to handle a stressful situation can not only allow you to act confidently, but reacting fast could be the key to preserving your future oral health. Your emergency dentist in Annapolis discusses a few common dental emergencies and how to handle them until you’re able to get to your dentist.


Get Ready to Smile with These 4 Perks to Having New Dentures in Annapolis

April 16, 2019

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a man with dentures

Are you preparing for denture placement but don’t know all the wonderful aspects of having them? Apart from replacing your missing teeth and improving your oral health, these beneficial tooth replacements can give you a new lease on life. Before dentures in Annapolis, you may have felt that your smile was holding you back, but with these 4 perks, you’ll soon be back to having the confidence you want and enjoying the foods you love.


Find Out How You Can Restore Your Smile with Dentures in Annapolis

April 6, 2019

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an older woman with dentures

Is your smile lacking in form and function because of one or many missing teeth? While it may seem hopeless, it’s not! There are options out there to help you regain your smile and get back to a normal life. With dentures in Annapolis, you can improve your oral health and overall appearance, giving you the confidence you need and deserve. Depending on your dental needs, there are a variety of denture options available, so read on to find out which solution is right for you!


What You Need to Know about Living with Dentures in Annapolis

March 31, 2019

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typical set of dentures

Have you reached the point where you’re thinking of getting dentures in Annapolis? If so, then don’t feel bad. Dentures can be the start of a new and active part of your life. The advantages of dentures include a restored smile, the ability to eat a wider variety of foods, and freedom from the personal and social limitations imposed by tooth loss.


What to do in the First 72 Hours After Teeth Whitening in Annapolis

March 25, 2019

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person getting their teeth whitened

After a lifetime of coffee and tomato sauce stains, it’s no wonder you’re looking into teeth whitening in Annapolis. You deserve a bright smile that will never cease to impress. Whether it’s in the office or out on a date, it can boost your confidence and get you far. Investing in your mouth is priceless, so you’ll want to make sure to take care of your teeth after you get them whitened. Read on to learn how to maintain your perfect grin after treatment!


No More Yellow: How Teeth Whitening in Annapolis Can Improve Your Smile

February 6, 2019

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teeth whitening before and after

When it comes to taking pictures, are you a closed-mouth or smile-wide type of person? It should come as no surprise that your smile is one of the first things people notice, so you want it to look good, right? Nowadays, the drinks you consume, foods you eat, your age, and even a lack of oral care can lead to yellowing of the teeth, which often results in tight-lipped smiles for the camera. To get a better understanding, let’s look at what can cause teeth to become yellow and how teeth whitening in Annapolis may be a viable solution.


Traditional vs. Same-Day Crowns in Annapolis: Here Are the Facts

January 31, 2019

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smiling woman with beautiful teeth

There’s a lot of talk these days about same-day crowns in Annapolis. But do the results match the message you’ve heard? In this post we’ll talk about this important topic.


Here Are the Four Types of Dental Crowns in Annapolis

January 2, 2019

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types of dental crowns

Dental crowns in Annapolis differ in terms of the materials from which they’re made. Each offers its own unique mix of benefits and considerations. Your dentist will work with you to choose the very best type for your needs.

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