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Our Dental Implant Services for Annapolis

Maintaining a complete, healthy smile for life is now more possible than ever, but sadly, it’s still relatively common for adults to lose one or more teeth over the years due to disease or injury. There have been traditional replacement solutions available for many years, but their unnatural qualities can create even stronger feelings of discomfort and dissatisfaction in patients.

While our team at Goodman Dental Care can’t turn back the clock on your teeth, we can offer the next best thing with dental implants. This revolutionary treatment option can replenish teeth in a virtually indistinguishable fashion, providing excellent oral health benefits as well to create an improved smile that’s extraordinary in every way. Best of all, Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman can handle every step of the procedure right here in Annapolis, MD for most patients. Contact us today to schedule an implant consultation!



The Dental Implant Process

Once we’ve determined that you’re a viable candidate for dental implants, patients will first need to have them surgically placed into the jawbone. While many doctors refer their patients to outside offices for this procedure, our doctors are happy to perform it right here at Goodman Dental Care for a more familiar and comfortable experience. In the rare case that we have to refer to you a specialist, our team will handle all communication so that you’re sure to receive the same quality of care that you would with us.

Once your implants have been successfully placed, a period of healing will be necessary. This is because your new implants need an appropriate amount of time to fuse with your jawbone and create a solid foundation. Once this has occurred, you’ll return to Goodman Dental Care so that we restore them with strong and natural-looking replacements.


Restoration Options

If we’re restoring a single implant, Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman will recommend a custom-made dental crown that beautifully blends in with your natural teeth and preserves the remaining, healthy structure of your smile. Our Annapolis office even offers advanced E4D technology so that we can complete the entire creation and placement of your new restoration in a single appointment.

When restoring multiple implants, an implant-retained prosthetic could replenish the area all at once, giving patients the secure and confident fit they couldn’t enjoy with a traditional denture or bridge. We’ll work with you to determine the best choice for your unique needs and preferences.

Implant Dentures

Whether you need to replace multiple teeth or a full row of teeth, you can get the help you need with dental implants. This revolutionary restorative service is versatile enough to work with both partial dentures and full dentures. 

In both cases, the treatment process is the same. In the first phase of treatment, our team will surgically place multiple implant posts in your jaw. Then, once the osseointegration process is complete, your partial denture or full denture will be prepared and attached.

With your new denture in place, you can look forward to enjoying results that are superior to anything you could achieve with a traditional denture. Finally, you can smile with greater confidence, speak with greater clarity, and enjoy a more balanced and nutritious diet.

Implant Crowns

What if you only need to replace a single tooth instead of multiple teeth? You can still receive the help you need with this versatile restorative service.

A single tooth can be replaced with just a single implant. Our team will place this implant during a special surgical procedure completed in our Annapolis office. Afterward, your implant and jaw will have an opportunity to fuse together.

When the osseointegration process is complete, you'll return to Goodman Dental Care so Dr. Gary Goodman or Dr. Jeremy Goodman can complete your procedure.

With your replacement tooth in place, you can look forward to better confidence and better health. What's more, your jaw will stay strong throughout the years instead of atrophying and causing additional tooth loss.

To learn more about restoring your smile with either an implant-supported crown or an implant-supported denture, don't hesitate to give us a call.

CT Scanner

Our Annapolis office is proud to use a CT scanner to improve the treatment process for our patients. With our scanner, we can precisely plan where each implant will go. As a result, the placement procedure is far less invasive than it might be otherwise, and afterwards, you can look forward to a faster recovery.