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Advanced Dental Services & Technology

Including Modern Tech to Enhance Your Visits

Every day, the dentists and team members are figuring out ways to make your dental care experience better. Whether it’s making sure you have more time to address your concerns or incorporating new technology that improves your comfort, the team is always looking for new ways to enhance your visit. We use many different kinds of dental equipment to ensure that your needs are met. Take a moment to learn more about them in detail!

TMJ/TMD Therapy

x-ray on white tablet

Does your jaw seem to ache or hurt every time you wake up? Do you notice pain or discomfort as you chew food or move your jaw at all? In this instance, it’s possible that your jaw’s joints are experiencing more stress than they should be. TMJ/TMD therapy at our office helps you diagnose the cause of your jaw pain and provide a treatment plan that effectively addresses your symptoms. This is typically done via occlusion adjustments or through oral splints, which are custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and relieve force put on your jaw joints.

Learn More About TMJ/TMD Therapy

Sleep Apnea Therapy

man putting in sleep apnea appliance

While there are many potential causes, those with sleep apnea have one thing in common: it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest and be productive the next day. At our office, we provide sleep apnea therapy to those who cannot get through the night without gasping for air or coughing themselves awake. These oral appliances are designed to reposition the jaw, making it easier for air to travel through the mouth and to the lungs.

Sedation Dentistry

woman sedated

Did you know that millions of Americans struggle to get basic dental care because of a fear or underlying anxiety they have with dentistry? Comfort is already a staple value at our office, and sedation dentistry makes it all the more easier for people with anxiety or fear to get the care they need. Our office provides two varying strengths of sedation: nitrous oxide and minimal oral conscious sedation. Both have their own unique benefits that we can discuss when you arrive.

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Intraoral Camera

dentist using intraoral camera

If you’ve ever wondered what your dentist sees when they are performing an exam or other dental treatment, you aren’t alone. Not only can we show you exactly what Dr. Gary and Dr. Jeremy see during your visit, but we can take photos of the inside of your mouth for later viewing. Our intraoral camera is also ideal for insurance purposes. The more information we can provide your insurance company, the easier it will be for them to accept your claim.

Digital X-Rays

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X-rays are crucial when it comes to planning dental care and fully understanding a patient’s treatment needs. However, the traditional method for capturing them came with several pitfalls – the images took time to develop in a darkroom, they relied on the use of hazardous chemicals, and they forced patients to be exposed to a significant dose of radiation. Thankfully, digital technology has transformed this process, making it simpler and safer than ever before. Here in Annapolis, our team can take detailed images of your smile and transfer them to our computer in a matter of seconds – no development, chemicals, or tedious waiting required. Best of all, the amount of radiation involved is reduced by up to 90%.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

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As a dentist in Annapolis who wants to give you the best results possible, we utilize CBCT technology that allows us to be incredibly accurate and precise when placing your dental implants. As a result, the placement surgery is far less invasive than it might be otherwise so that afterwards, you can look forward to a faster recovery.

E4D Restoration Technology

E4D restoration technology

Personalized restorations are an integral part of rebuilding damaged and missing teeth. This process can be expedited using E4D technology. This system helps our dentists to manufacture and place a exquisite restorations over in a single appointment, giving you the ability to repair your smile in a way that fits your schedule.

Learn More About E4D One Visit Restorations

Digital Impression System

digital impression system

When you need a dental crown, it can be frustrating to have to wait weeks just to have your permanent crown designed and manufactured. On top of that, you’d need to bite into gray putty-like material. Which we understand many patients don’t enjoy doing. With the Planmeca E4D digital impression system, we can capture your current teeth digitally. That means we can greatly reduce the need for traditional impression material, all without sacrificing the precision of your future restoration.

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