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Dentist in Annapolis Explains the Benefits of Dental Fillings

August 31, 2017

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smiling womanCavities! These dreaded holes in the top two layers of your teeth, the enamel and the dentin, can cause discomfort and lead to more serious dental problems. Happily, though, there are solutions that your dentist in Annapolis can put in place to stop the damage and fortify your teeth to withstand the rigors of everyday life.

Fillings Are a Prime Way to Treat Cavities

Many people think of cavities as a dental problem that belongs to children who eat too much sugar, but the truth is that cavities can happen to anyone of any age. They occur when acids and bacteria contribute to plaque in your mouth. The plaque then eats away at teeth, leading to cavities. Fillings are the main way dentists treat cavities.

Fillings are exactly what they sound like — they fill in the holes in your teeth. They protect your dentin and can stop the cavity from becoming worse. The filling also stops bacteria from accumulating inside the cavity, which can lead to more severe tooth decay.

Traditionally, dentists have used a material known as amalgam to fill cavities. Because amalgam fillings are made of metal, they come with a few disadvantages. First, they stand out against the natural color of your teeth, making them easily noticeable for anyone you interact with. Second, they can develop cracks over time and may need to be replaced.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Another Option

Tooth-colored fillings are another option, and many patients prefer them because they aren’t easy to notice. They are made of a durable resin that doesn’t respond to temperature changes the same way metal does, meaning they may provide better protection for your teeth. They may last for up to ten years.

When you hop online and do a search for “a dentist near me” who provides tooth-colored fillings, you’ll find that Doctors Gary and Jeremy Goodman offer this service. When you head into Goodman Dental Care for the procedure, the dentist will first remove tooth decay before he inserts the resin. He may use a special light to harden the resin. As the last step in the procedure, the dentist will polish your tooth.

Your Dentist Will Help You Decide Which Filling Material Is Best

Amalgam and resin are two common options for fillings, but they aren’t the only choices. You can talk with your dentist about other choices and settle on one that will work for you. The best choice might depend on the size of your cavities, your budget, and whether you have allergies to any materials.

Cavities can creep up any time. The sooner you get them filled, the less likely it is that they will lead to further tooth decay. Protect your smile with fillings!

About the Author

Doctors Gary and Jeremy Goodman are a father and son dental team in Annapolis. Using the latest techniques, they provide a range of dental services, including preventive care, fillings, and more. If you have questions about fillings or other dental concerns, contact the office via the website or by phone at 410-263-1919.

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