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Our Restorative Care

Truthfully, most patients will experience some kind of oral decay or damage over the course of their lives. During these times, you may feel frustrated or embarrassed, but please don’t hesitate to reach out. Here at Goodman Dental Care, our staff is dedicated to always providing you with the warm, supportive attention you need most. Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman offer several restorative services that can give you back the function and form your smile has been sorely missing, and we won’t rest until you’re fully satisfied with the results. Located in Annapolis, MD, our office also welcomes new patients from Davidsonville, Edgewater, Arnold, Crownsville, Severna Park, and beyond.

Crown & Bridge

Patients with teeth that are broken, badly decayed, or even missing can experience unpleasant consequences as a result. Not only is their overall oral health damaged, but the necessary function and aesthetic beauty of their smile can be significantly reduced as well. Here in Annapolis, MD, Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman want to help you regain what was lost. With our crown and bridge services, we can seamlessly restore your original teeth, giving them back their strength and natural appearance so that you can smile proudly once more. Patients from Arnold, Crownsville, Severna Park, Edgewater, Davidsonville, and beyond are welcome to contact Goodman Dental Care today and schedule their first appointment!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed to effectively “cap” off the top of a tooth, restoring its appearance and strengthening its overall structure. Our Annapolis doctors can recommend a crown as the ideal solution for a variety of situations, including a physical injury, tooth decay that’s too severe to be treated by a filling, general weakening, significant fractures, or even purely cosmetic changes.

At other offices, having a custom dental crown created and placed requires two to three appointments. But our Annapolis office is proud to offer same-day dentistry using CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM allows us to mill your custom-made crown in-house without having to rely on an outside lab. The treatment process is exactly the same as the treatment process with a traditional crown, the only difference is there's no need for a follow-up appointment. Instead, you can leave with your brand new crown securely in place.

Dental Bridges

Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman will typically recommend dental bridges for patients who’ve lost one or more teeth in a row and aren’t a good candidate for implants. This prosthetic is designed with two dental crowns on either side; their function is to attach over neighboring healthy teeth like an anchor, holding the bridge securely in place within your smile.

Here in Annapolis, our team is happy to offer all-ceramic crowns and bridges, as well as other restorations, so that patients can enjoy replenished that look just as great as they feel.

Removable Dentures

For hundreds of years, dentists have used dentures to help patients replace missing teeth and enjoy better oral health. Other solutions have come along since, but our Annapolis team still enjoys providing this affordable and convenient solution to those who prefer it.

At Goodman Dental Care, we offer two types of removable dentures: partial dentures, which are also known as partials, and full dentures. Depending on your needs and your medical history, your dentist may recommend one of these restorations over other similar options.

Partial dentures feature multiple teeth on a gum-colored base. In most cases, these replacement teeth are spread across the partial's base so that the restoration fits like a puzzle around existing teeth. What's more, most partials are secured with either clips or brackets.

Full dentures, meanwhile, are designed to replace an entire row of teeth (known as an arch). As with partials, the replacement teeth on a full denture are attached to a base that mimics the look of natural gum tissue. Most full dentures are held in place with either suction or a special adhesive.

Regardless of which kind you end up with, both are removable so that they can be stored overnight and easily cleaned. 

For patients seeking an alternative to traditional dentures, we also offer implant-retained prosthetics. Visit our dental implants page to learn more about the benefits of this versatile restorative service.

Root Canal Therapy

When people think of potentially scary dental procedures, root canals are often at the top of the list. Thankfully, today’s advancements in technology and pain control have rendered this treatment more comfortable than ever before, and its benefits for your oral health and happiness are incredibly valuable. In fact, severely damaged teeth facing the threat of extraction can be fully restored and revitalized with the help of root canal therapy.

Here at Goodman Dental Care, Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman are happy to possess the skill and education needed to provide this transformative procedure here in our Annapolis, MD location, and our dedicated, long-term team will be sure to keep you feeling at ease throughout the process. We also welcome patients from Crownsville, Davidsonville, Edgewater, Severna Park, Arnold, and beyond.

Do I need root canal therapy?

Here are some common symptoms that could indicate the need for root canal therapy:

However, there are many cases where symptoms are too subtle for an untrained eye to identify. That’s why it’s crucial for patients to attend routine appointments at our Annapolis location. If Dr. Gary Goodman or Dr. Jeremy Goodman finds that root canal therapy is necessary to preserve your natural tooth, our team can quickly make plans to provide treatment as soon as possible.

The Treatment Process

Root canal therapy can require anywhere from one to three visits, during which one of our doctors will carefully access the inner chamber of the infected tooth and remove diseased pulp and bacteria, replacing it with a safe, biocompatible material. Then, he’ll thoroughly seal the tooth to minimize the chances of further infection. In most cases, it’s strongly recommended that patients have a custom-made crown placed on top to restore lost structure and function.