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Invisalign for Spaces Between Teeth – Annapolis, MD

Removing Unwanted Space with the Clear Choice

A young female with dark brown hair who is smiling with a gap between her two front teeth and in need of Invisalign in Annapolis

Invisalign in Annapolis is an extremely versatile orthodontic treatment method. If it is spaces between your teeth that are keeping you from feeling confident about your smile, these clear aligners can eliminate unwanted space and ultimately, improve your oral health so you start seeing a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing smile. At Goodman Dental Care, our team of experts will discuss your goals and desired look before providing you with customized aligners that will gently shift your teeth into proper alignment and “bring the gap,” so you no longer feel embarrassed by your appearance. To learn more about the possibilities Invisalign can provide, contact our office today!

Why Do Gaps Appear Between Teeth?

Digital image of a bottom row of teeth that have significant spacing between them

The reason for your gapped teeth might be due to one or more of the following:

No matter the reason behind the spaces between your teeth, it is likely that you have started to experience some of the more common dental problems that can occur as a result. When teeth have too much space between them, food particles and bad bacteria can become trapped and make effective brushing and flossing extremely difficult.

To avoid any of the following problems, you should speak to your cosmetic dentist in Annapolis about treatment as soon as possible:

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

A young woman holding her face between her hands and smiling

Invisalign does require a high level of responsibility and commitment because of its flexible approach. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your clear aligners when eating, drinking, or when engaging in an important event (i.e. work function, wedding, etc.). It is often most successful when more mature teenagers or adults use them, as children who require orthodontic treatment have much better luck with regular braces.

To determine if you are eligible for treatment, our team will evaluate your smile and determine the severity of your gapped teeth. If the gaps appear too large, you may find that traditional braces will give you the results your desire. Otherwise, you can expect to receive the green light for Invisalign.

How Does It Work?

A woman inserting a clear Invisalign aligner into the top portion of her smile

Using clear, plastic trays that are custom-made to fit your smile at every stage of the process, after 1-2 weeks of wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day, you are expected to swap out your current set for the next in the series. This will cause some slight discomfort, especially since your teeth are attempting to shift and take the shape of your new aligners.

Although this might be a bit uncomfortable for a few days, take heed in knowing that your teeth are moving in the right direction. Over time, you will notice that the gaps within your smile are closing, and your smile is becoming more aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of Invisalign

A 3D image of an Invisalign clear aligner

Instead of worrying about traditional braces being the only method of orthodontic treatment available to remedy this type of problem, you will be pleased to know that by choosing Invisalign, you will reap many of its benefits day-in and day-out during treatment. Some of these include:

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