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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Annapolis, MD

Your Jaw to Prepare for Implants

Without the stimulation that the natural tooth root provides, your jawbone will start to deteriorate once you’ve lost a tooth. This can be a significant obstacle for patients who are hoping to have dental implants placed. After all, implants rely on bone tissue for support; if there’s not enough bone, the procedure can’t be performed. Fortunately, treatments such as bone grafts and sinus lifts can replenish the lost bone. Call Goodman Dental Care today and learn how Dr. Gary Goodman and Dr. Jeremy Goodman can use these procedures to make dental implants a viable option for you again!

Why Choose Goodman Dental Care for Advanced Dental Implant Procedures?

Bone Grafting

Woman in dental chair before advanced dental implant procedures in Annapolis, MD

The goal of bone grafting is to identify areas where there isn’t enough tissue and then repair the jaw in those areas. This also encourages the growth of new bone tissue.

Bone grafts typically work by placing existing bone tissue into the jaw. The tissue can come from another part of your mouth or the rest of your body; for example, many grafts take bone from the hip. Sometimes the tissue will be provided by a separate human or animal donor. In certain circumstances, we may even use a synthetic material. (This type of graft is often referred to as an alloplast.)

Once the bone graft has been performed, it might be possible to place the implant posts right away. However, if you had a more substantial cases of bone loss, you’ll need to wait a few months. While the mouth heals during this time, new bone is created.

Sinus Lift

Model of zirconia implant post inserted into lower jaw

While a bone graft may be recommended in many different situations, a sinus lift is only performed when we specifically need to replace the teeth near the back of the mouth in your upper jaw. Sometimes after tooth loss occurs, the sinuses collapse so that they fill the space where the implants need to be inserted. We can’t perform the surgery while they’re in the way, so in this situation a sinus lift will be performed.

After making an incision in the gums and removing a small amount of bone, we’ll push on the membrane separating the sinus from the mouth, lifting it up. We’ll then fill the space with new bone tissue; like with a bone graft, this will add density to the jaw and encourage new bone to form. This normally takes about 3 to 6 months, though of course your body’s personal healing capabilities will affect this timeframe.

Call Us Today to Start Getting Ready for Implants

Illustration of dental implant placed after sinus lift surgery

Bone loss becomes more advanced the longer you wait, so if you’re thinking of getting dental implants and don’t want to delay the surgery for too long, you can get in touch with our Annapolis office and schedule an appointment. We can figure out whether bone grafts or sinus lifts are appropriate in your case after a consultation.

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